“Create Your FUTURE The Way You Dare to DREAM It”

Students have the opportunity to discover themselves while expanding their knowledge about new cultures. Studying abroad gives students the ability to learn and solve problems from different perspectives. It gives students many opportunities to learn about different sets of minds and social atmosphere. Studying abroad is an unforgettable experience for students in which they will acquire competitive skills for this ever changing world.

* Loan subject to previous approval


CENEU Loan servicing offers a wide range of loan servicing programs to our lenders, with Sub-Servicing vendors we have the ability to service locally or nationally for a variety of loans.

Our clients benefit from our loan servicing because we provide a professional experience that minimizes the risk of increased variable costs and we reduce liability. Clients have easy access to information regarding their loan, payments received, and status of accounts.

In order to help Universities not to lose ground in the globalization of education and research. Ceneu has made alliances with Universities in order to structure a financing program for bachelors and masters degree so, permanent residents or U.S citizens can find new financial alternatives* to study abroad in preferential terms to selected Universities.

The objective of this program, is to contribute to a generation of highly skilled bi-national professionals with outstanding academic performance and a successful economic future.

For more information visit LOANS Ceneu (link)