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We offer an intensive three-week course covering formal Spanish medical terminology in addition to colloquial or slang expressions patients may use to describe their conditions. Students practice a wide range of doctor-patient conversational Spanish as well. Students are assessed for their level of understanding both in Spanish and medical sciences on the first day and grouped accordingly with students of similar levels.
The program is led by highly qualified professionals in the medical field with over 20 years of experience. Medical students and active health professionals from all over the USA have taken the MEDICAL SPANISH PROGRAM, and 95% of them gave high evaluations of the program upon completion.
1 of every 10 people in the USA has difficulty speaking English, and the majority of medical interpretation services necessary in US hospitals is for Spanish speakers. The need for bilingual medical professionals in US hospitals increases each year.

Main components

Week 1:7
  • Learn basic Spanish expressions for use in town and with host families
  • Learn how to ask patients about their medical history and daily personal habits in Spanish
  • Learn Medical Spanish formal terms for anatomy and physiology
  • Learn specific questions to ask for each body function including respiration, circulation, reproduction, obstetrics, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, nervous system
  • Learn slang references patients may use to refer to their condition
  • Students learn in the Medical School using simulators and virtual dissection to identify vocabulary in Spanish
Week 2:
  • Students begin the day at the Xochicalco’s medical school preparing for their experiences with patients in the community.
  • Students go to the communities and watch professionals treat patients in their homes while taking notes. They can help with some basic assessments when they are comfortable and the patient and medical professionals allow it.
  • Students return to school to describe what they experienced in Spanish and ask any questions they may have from their real-world encounters.
Week 3:
  • Follows the schedule of Week 2 at rural clinics rather than in patients’ homes.


In addition to learning vitally valuable medical Spanish skills, you can take in the breathtakingly beautiful coastal living of Ensenada! Enjoy sightseeing, fun activities with colleagues and locals, and of course, the delicious food and wine that can only be enjoyed in Ensenada.
  • We welcome you with a beach bonfire and barbecue reception on Friday evening and invite the host families, so you can all get acquainted.
  • Except for the first Saturday, your weekends are free time for fun!
  • We host two optional regional activities on the second two Saturdays including wine tasting, a tour of the wineries, and lunch in Valle de Guadalupe, “the Napa Valley of Mexico.”
  • We send you off with a graduation reception and invite your host families to have one last celebration together before you head back with vast new knowledge, great memories, and long-lasting international friendships!

*Certificate of achievement upon completion

Come for three weeks:

Gain knowledge and international friendships for life!


For more information, contact CENEU, Universidad Xochicalco’s
International Affairs Office in San Diego.

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