Our Company

Our highly skilled consultants provide support for today’s educational institutions in order to successfully face the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

International Consulting

Our consultants in the education industry will identify the best practices and business solutions for education institutions.

We have extensive knowledge in international marketing consulting, public relations, market analysis, foreign student recruitment strategies, and alternative student financial possibilities to study abroad.

Our understanding of operations between The United States and Latin America, has given us the expertise to serve as cultural liaisons of international affairs for universities.


Over the years, we have witnessed the impact of international education expanding the global sphere of shared knowledge. Our participation in numerous international educational associations allows us to connect with talented professors and experts at universities in Italy, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and The United States.

Our specialized recruitment team can provide coaching and connections to professors, presenters, and other educators looking to share their knowledge abroad. We currently mainly bridge United States and Latin American educators and educational institutions. We also coach universities to identify international talent that can contribute to developing strong academic programs.

Specialized School Equipment and Supplies

We have access to an extensive supplier’s database in the United States, so we can procure and provide quality products at competitive prices.

Our core business does not only provide resources and products that meet the specific requirements of education institutions and other companies, but also offers them consulting services in order to stay abreast of the latest trends.