Ceneu has extensive experience in international consulting. Our main objective is to provide professional consulting and outsourcing solutions for companies and education institutions.

  • Exchange academic know-how
  • Take advantage of contact networks
  • Shorten distances
  • Optimize Information
  • Connect talents
  • International Marketing Strategies for your brand
  • Reduce administration and operational costs
  • Take advantage of innovating technology
  • Cyber security solutions for the education platforms and others
  • Strategic financial management solutions
  • Save time and money

We provide strategic international links to educational institutions that need to establish multicultural interrelationships and partnerships for the benefit of education.

Consulting Services

Develop effective links and strategic, with existing tools and resources for the educational and research community, with the purpose of reaching….

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School Equipment & Sypply Distribution

Professional consulting and outsourcing services, management services, strategic networking assistence, market positioning advice and services….

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International Faculty Recruitment

Our team of professionals will be able to diagnose and identify the specific need of your company, as well as be knowledgeable about cultural….

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